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Earthquake Certification May 8th, 2018

As part of RonDell Restoration’s Continuing Educational Series, we once again present the 3-year Earthquake Certification class.  Class instruction is presented by the experts from Engle Martin and Envista Forensics, conducting a class that encourages questions and investigates all of the areas that need to be understood when handling earthquake claims.  As you are aware, this […]

Water Damage Restoration Estimate

What to Expect in Your Water Damage Restoration Estimate

Each water damage loss is unique, therefore your water damage restoration estimate may vary. There are no standardized costs for any sort of water damage restoration, but there are five basic factors that can help to explain the pricing associated to the work that may be required for each project.   Let’s review what goes in to restoration […]

National Disaster Preparedness Month

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

Sponsored by FEMA, this year’s National Disaster Preparedness Month theme is “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” The goal is to encourage communities and families to create their disaster preparedness plan. The first goal of This month’s campaign aims to educate the general public about natural hazards. Each week spotlights a separate type of disaster. The schedule […]